Britons losing £132 every month due to payday spending habits – have you got one?

Furthermore, men also spent 17 percent of their disposable income on beauty treatments and products, which is the same amount women spend.

Richard Lynch, the Managing Director of Suits Me, cautioned the public of spending too much money between pay cheques.

Mr Lynch said: “If you’ve ever found yourself splurging on a payday treat, it turns out that you’re not alone.

“With our research indicating that the vast majority of the country are treating themselves on payday, it seems that most people need a bit of a pick me up treat at the end of the month.”

He added: “Whether it’s a cheeky takeaway, drinks with friends, or even something more extravagant such as a boat, it’s important that the public are mindful of spending too rashly at the start of each month to ensure you are not left short before your next salary payment comes through.”


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