Britain's vaccine setback

Britain’s vaccination programme suffered a setback this week over the use of the AstraZeneca jab — the workhorse of the UK immunisation effort — among younger people. How will new guidance for under-30s affect the vaccine rollout and the bounce it has given Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the polls? Plus, what’s behind Northern Ireland’s most violent disturbances in recent years? Presented by George Parker with Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe, Clive Cookson and Peter Foster together with special guest Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair’s chief negotiator ahead of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. Produced by Anna Dedhar and Josh de la Mare. The sound engineer was Breen Turner and the editor Liam Nolan. Review clips: Department of Health, UK news pool, BBC.

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AstraZeneca vaccine guidance leaves UK facing challenges over supply and hesitancy

Experts back UK age limit for rollout of AstraZeneca vaccine

Pragmatism must triumph over politics in Northern Ireland

London and Dublin call for calm after fresh riots in Northern Ireland

Brexit ignites the debate about a united Ireland

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