Britain’s new MI6 spy chief is called R MOORE

R MOORE will be able to Live and Let Die once again he steps up to be the new MI6 boss later, it was revealed today.

The man On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is not Bond legend Roger Moore, however, but ex-ambassador Richard Moore, who will take over the top job in autumn from Sir Alex Younger.

The PM and Foreign Sec Dominic Raab rubber-stamped the appointment today of Richard Moore


The PM and Foreign Sec Dominic Raab rubber-stamped the appointment today of Richard Moore

The PM and Dominic Raab rubber-stamped the appointment today.

Known as ‘C’, Libyan-born Richard Moore joined the Secret Intelligence Service, Britain’s overseas spy agency, in 1987.

The married dad of two is currently working as director general of political affairs at the Foreign Office .

Mr Moore said today: “I am pleased and honoured to be asked to return to lead my Service. 

“SIS plays a vital role – with MI5 and GCHQ – in keeping the British people safe and promoting UK interests overseas. 

“I look forward to continuing that work alongside the brave and dedicated team at SIS.”

The Foreign Secretary paid tribute to Mr Moore’s predecessor, Sir Alex Younger, who served for six years in the job.

Mr Raab added: “I am delighted to appoint Richard as the next Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service.

“He returns to SIS with tremendous experience and will oversee the work of a group of men and women whose tireless efforts are rarely seen in public, but which are critical for the security and prosperity of the UK.”

Roger Moore played Bond for years


Roger Moore played Bond for yearsCredit: Alamy

Who is Richard Moore?

  • Richard Moore is currently the Director General for Political Affairs (Political Director) at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
  •  Previously Richard served as British Ambassador to Turkey and has been Deputy National Security Adviser in the Cabinet Office.
  • Prior to his time at the FCO, Richard joined SIS in 1987 where he undertook a range of roles across the Service both in the UK and overseas.
  • Richard was born in Libya and is married to Maggie, with two children.
  • Outside of work, Richard’s interests include playing golf and watching cricket and rugby. He speaks fluent Turkish.
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