'Brit pensioners have every right to be angry at TV licence betrayal'

If Britain’s pensioners are angry it is with good reason.

In their 2017 manifesto the Conservatives pledged that free TV licences for the over 75s would be retained. But on Saturday this much-loved benefit comes to an end.

The Tories are trying to pin the blame on the BBC but the responsibility lies entirely with them. They made a promise and now they are refusing to abide by their word.

No wonder so many people feel betrayed.

Free TV licences are not a perk.

They are a lifeline for millions of pensioners for whom the telly is a source of companionship and a window into the outside world.

National Pensioners’ Convention doing a series of protests about the reimposition of the TV licence fee on the over 75s

The decision is especially cruel when so many older people are having to shield because of coronavirus.

A government with a conscience would find the money to enable the BBC to maintain the benefit. In failing to do so this Tory administration has shown it is shameless and heartless.

Utter failure

Boris Johnson is kidding nobody when he claims his handling of the coronavirus outbreak has been a ‘massive success’.

The figures from the Office for National Statistics tell the real story – England has the highest number of excess deaths in Europe.

An estimated 20,000 residents have died in care homes after patients were discharged from hospital without being tested.

Boris Johnson

Many of these fatalities could have been avoided if there had been a competent government running the country.

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The delay in bringing the lockdown, failure to conduct widespread testing, mixed messages and the lack of protective kit are some of the reasons behind the high death toll.

If the PM thinks this is a success you dread to think what he considers a failure.

Brightening up

Summer arrives today with most of the country set to bask in glorious weather.

After the year we’ve had we need this bit of sunshine in our lives more than ever.



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