Bring down cost of road construction without compromising on quality: Gadkari to industry

NEW DELHI: Cost of road construction in India must come down without compromising on quality, union minister for road transport and highways Nitin Gadkari said on Thursday.

“Our policy is to improve the quality and reduce the cost of construction. We are making continued efforts towards this,” Gadkari said at a virtual conference and exhibition for the bitumen and road construction sector, ‘BITU-CON 2020’, organized by FICCI.

Gadkari also urged the industry to increase the use of plastic and rubber wastes in road construction, besides encouraging the use of waste products like oil slags from steel plants and flash.

“Industry should also use local produce, like jute or coir, and waste products in road construction,” Gadkari said. “We will come up with a pattern design system for precast,” he added.

Gadkari also asked the industry to adopt world-class technologies in road construction. He further suggested the industry to come up with a plan with a 10-year Defect Liability period for constructing bitumen roads, which currently is for 5 years.

“If the industry comes up with the world’s best technology and 10-year defect liability period, the government will then fully support and ensure that all benefits are given to you (the industry),” he said.

Gadkari said that the industry must improve quality of construction, failing which, he will contemplate banning use of bitumen in road construction.

“Unless you make corrections, I will stop bitumen and make concrete mandatory. Not even a drop of bitumen will be used. Before this, improve quality after proper research, and we will support you,” Gadkari said.

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“Technology innovations, artificial intelligence, process innovations, use of superior engineering practices, employing high standards in quality control, and most importantly, establishing enhanced harmony between the private and the public sectors will redefine this sector,” FICCI President Sangita Reddy was quoted as saying in a statement.



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