Brexit Pary leader Nigel Farage points out huge error in Remainer plot

Mr Farage said the MPs ought not to have spent three years debating without results. The southeast England MEP confirmed the party had 625 confirmed candidates, 25 short of every constituency as the party announced it was ready for a general election. Mr Farage declared: “All that screaming and shouting about why is Parliament going to be closed down over the party conference season.

“Well, the answer is that it has been for the last 80 years.”

Mr Farage then asked: “And if they were really worried after over three years of debating Brexit, if they were really worried about it, they could’ve all cancelled their holidays in Tuscany during August, couldn’t they?”

Parliament is in recess every year for the party conference season.

The Tory Government plans for a Queen’s Speech after this period.

This means Parliament would have to be suspended to end the previous session.

The event known as prorogation is expected to last five weeks.

The Brexit Party secured several high profile candidates for the European elections.

This includes Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, co-chairman of the No campaign in the Danish referendum on the Maastricht Treaty.

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Mr Farage’s Brexit Party found success in May’s European elections, weeks after their foundation.

They achieved 29 of the 73 UK seats with 30.52 percent of the vote.

Brexit Party is thus the largest individual party in the European Parliament.

This is the most seats won by a party at the European elections since Lord Hague’s Tories won 36 seats in 1999.

They reached 33.5 percent of the vote share.

The Pro-Euro Conservative Party, who resigned from the main Tory Party in protest at its anti-Euro stance stood in this election.

Standing 84 candidates, they got 1.4 percent of the vote and no seats.

The party then merged with the Liberal Democrats.

Founder John Stevens reportedly said the party had hoped to get several pro-EU Tories such as former Chancellor Ken Clarke, former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine and former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten to join their cause.



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