Brexit Party candidate 'milkshaked' in street as yob shouts 'F*** Nigel Farage'

A Brexit Party candidate had a milkshake hurled at him in the street as a yob shouted “F*** Nigel Farage”.

Mitch Feierstein was canvassing for votes outside a Reading shopping centre when he said a man hurled abuse and threw a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake at him.

He said the yob screamed: “F**k you! F**k the Brexit Party! and F**k Nigel Farage.”

The milky drink missed him but landed on the table containing all of his party forms, stickers and flags.

Mr Feierstein – who is parliamentary candidate for Reading East, Berks – claimed: “A man came by the table where I was campaigning outside The Oracle building and screamed ‘F ** k you! F**k the Brexit Party! and F**k Nigel Farage’.

“He was carrying a container in his hand, which he threw at me from six feet.

Mr Feierstein alleges the man lobbed a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake at him

The milkshake covering some of the party literature


“He missed but still managed to damage my property, including Brexit Party-branded items that were resting on the table, before running away.”

He said: “The police are currently examining CCTV footage to identify him and his whereabouts.

“To peacefully protest, to express dissent, to engage in political discourse, these are the building blocks of any democracy.

“However, assaulting political candidates, destroying property, and impeding lawful campaigning – seriously?

“What happened is a criminal offense. It is undemocratic, repugnant, and is not to be tolerated by any civil society.

“Unfortunately, it seems the rule of law, freedom of expression, civility, and democracy no longer exists in the UK.

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Mr Feierstein was campaigning outside The Oracle building

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General election 2019

“This should never happen. Upset? You bet I am.”

He described the man as white, about 5’9’’ tall, of slim build with dyed blond hair.”

Teresa Fahy, Brexit candidate for North West Hampshire, added: “It was an unpleasant experience and a bad reflection on the people of Reading.”

Thames Valley Police said: “At around 3.28pm on Sunday in the Oracle Shopping Centre Reading, a man had a drink thrown at him another man who also verbally abused him. 

“We are investigating this incident and we would ask anyone with information to please call 101 quoting reference 43190359338. We are also asking anyone who may have mobile phone footage of this incident to come forward.”

For guidance the drink did not hit the man I can also confirm that the victim reported it was a milkshake.

Retired ex-soldier and Brexit Party supporter Don MacNaughton was milkshaked in Aldershot, Hants in May.

Party leader Nigel Farage was also attacked with a shake in Newcastle in the same month.



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