Brexit: More footage emerges of Jeremy Corbyn sharing anti-EU views

More archive footage has emerged of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sharing strong anti-EU views.

In a 2010 video unearthed by Talk Radio, Mr Corbyn calls for the EU, as well as bankers and the International Monetary Fund, to be “defeated”.

It comes days after a 2009 clip emerged of Mr Corbyn – then a little-known backbencher – speaking out against the “European empire” and saying that he wished the UK was having a referendum.

The fresh footage, filmed at the Durham Miners’ Gala, Mr Corbyn said: “They – the world’s bankers, International Monetary Fund, European Union – they are utterly united in what they want. Utterly united in deflation, suppressing the economy and creating unemployment.

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“We need to be equally united – not just across every union in this country and every community in this country and every social demand in this country – but all across Europe and internationally to show that the voice of those campaigning for peace, justice and socialism will not be silenced by these people.

“We will win through. We will defeat them and we will win that decency that we want in this world.”

Labour told the station on Monday that Mr Corbyn was speaking out against austerity that bankers, International Monetary Fund and EU “were forcing on the people of Europe at the time”.

The recently unearthed footage prompted leading Brexiteer Nigel Farage to say on LBC on Monday: “I feel like a Europhile compared to Corbyn. Wow! This is full on.”

Mr Corbyn was a known Eurosceptic during his 32 years as a backbench MP for Islington North. As party leader, he campaigned for Remain in the 2016 referendum, but has faced repeated accusations that he voted Leave in the vote. The Labour leader has always pledged to respect the result of the vote.


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