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Brave, a privacy-enhancing browser for mobile and desktop, has reached over 40 million Android downloads. Although the browser doesn’t require the use of any cryptocurrency, it is still considered a major part of the ecosystem due to its native Basic Attention Token (BAT). For context, Coinbase is the closest crypto associated project with an Android app, boasting just under 20 million downloads, November 28, 2019.

Dominating the Browser Game One Step at a Time

Born out of the vision of Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and the creator of JavaScript, Brave has had its eyes firmly set on success from its very inception. Attracting investment wasn’t a major impediment for Brave given the reputation of the founding team, but what they have done with that money is a significant stride for individual privacy.

Earlier this year, Brave established itself in the Japanese market to become the most downloaded Android browser, and it has seen a similar degree of that success replicated in Spain. Privacy concerns stemming from Facebook, but with far-reaching implications, has usurped tech industry headlines over the last year.

Brave is changing the game with default privacy settings that don’t track a user’s activity or store any of their data on an external server. The cherry on the cake, you ask? You can earn BAT by viewing select advertisements on the Brave browser. Targeted advertisement campaigns are no longer a major issue thanks to Brave’s razor-sharp focus on ethics and liberty.

Brave Growth Doesn’t Imply BAT Adoption

Raising $30 million ICO that sold in seconds, Brave introduced its native token to the world: Basic Attention Token (BAT). Using BAT, a user can send ‘tips‘ to their favorite content creators who are verified Brave publishers. As of today, there are nearly 335,000 verified publishers, encompassing websites, YouTubers, GitHubs, Twitch steamers, and many more social media platforms.

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However, this function could’ve been enabled with ETH, the native token that the BAT contract runs on. The idea behind BAT was to bootstrap a community and cultivate a more inclusive ecosystem of content consumers and content creators.

While Brave has been taking long strides and gaining real mainstream adoption, BAT has hardly taken off in any meaningful way, leaving most stakeholders feeling like it is an unnecessary piece of the puzzle.

Only time will tell if BAT will pick up, but usage relative to Brave’s traction is nowhere near anything positive at the moment.

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