Borough Market’s hottest oyster man has people booking flights to London: ‘I volunteer as tribute’

The internet can’t stop thirsting over Borough Market’s resident oysterman, after a video of him shucking oysters went viral.

This week, multiple videos of a model-ready man shucking oysters at the Furness Fish Market stall in London’s Borough Market circulated throughout TikTok. In one video – which was posted on Tuesday by user @kenventures – received more than three million views after they showed the mysterious man shucking a difficult oyster. They captioned the post: “This Oyster guy in London is on a wrong career path.”

Just one day later, TikToker @ohhhlilyadventures posted a similar video of the oysterman, which received more than 100,000 views. In the 12-second clip, the tattooed man is seen laughing with co-workers as he shucked oysters for a line of customers.

“Yeah…the oysters and sea urchins at the Borough Market are worth the flight to London,” she captioned the TikTok.

The videos were short, but they were effective. Thousands of users rushed to the comments section, where they gushed over the mysterious man shucking oysters.

“I have shellfish allergies, but if that man offered me oysters I wouldn’t refuse,” commented one person.

“What the shuck, that man is attractive,” another user said.

“I volunteer as tribute,” wrote a third person.

Some viewers even claimed to have booked flights to London after watching the TikTok.

“Suddenly I need to go to a fish market in London?” commented one person.

“Books flight to London,” another TikToker said.

“Not me looking at flights to London,” wrote someone else.

And one person asked the question that was on everyone’s mind: “Does this man even know that he’s famous?”

Apparently, yes. Borough Market’s famous oysterman seems to be identified as Harry Woon, after he reposted one of the TikToks to his personal Instagram page. While there’s not much information publicly availably about Woon, except for a couple of mirror selfies at the gym, the oyster shucker does seem to be based in London, according to his bio.

On Wednesday, he took to Instagram to thank his newfound fans. “Thanks for the love,” he captioned his Instagram post alongside one of the viral videos. And if the comments on TikTok weren’t thirsty enough, Woon’s Instagram post was flooded with requests for more oyster shucking content.

“Here from TikTok,” one person wrote.

“You know we’re gonna need more,” said someone else.

“TikTok sent me. And I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say, we need more vids of you shucking,” commented another fan.

Borough Market’s famous oyster shucker isn’t the only man to go viral on TikTok recently. Social media influencer Thoren Bradley, who built a following of more than 5.2m followers with his wood-chopping videos, was widely praised on the app after revealing that he has a pro-choice stance on abortion.

The lumberjack frequently receives comments from TikTok users proposing marriage or claiming that his videos made them “pregnant,” and in a video posted on 24 June, Bradley joked about some of the “thirsty” comments he receives from viewers.

“Let’s say my video DID get somebody pregnant. It would be her choice to keep it or not,” the TikToker, who lives in Northern California, wrote in a comment that has been liked more than 38,000 times. In a follow-up comment, Bradley added: “If you don’t FW [f**k with] that, block me. On all platforms.”

The comments prompted praise from Bradley’s followers, with one person writing: “I am officially in love with you for this,” while another said: “This means so much.”

The Independent has contacted Harry Woon for comment.


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