Boris Johnson squirms and won't say sorry for 'spaffed' and Jo Cox comments

Boris Johnson has refused to apologise for saying money spent on investigating historic child sexual abuse was being ‘spaffed up a wall.’

The Prime Minister squirmed under questioning on the infamous remark, and got in an argument over whether ‘spaffed’ means ‘ejaculated.’

And he refused to say sorry for claiming the best way to honour Jo Cox’s memory was to “get Brexit done” – though he said he had been in touch with her family.

In an interview with ITV local news, the Prime Minister claimed his comments had only been about some historic child abuse inquiries.

He said: “I think it’s very, very important that we investigate historic child sex abuse and we investigate child sex abuse.

“In Rotherham I completely agree there was an appalling epidemic and it was right that that should be tackled and there should be the fullest and most thorough possible investigation.

“There have been other investigations where I think the – I think the investigation into Field Marshall Lord Bramall and…”


But ITV’s Joe Pike pressed the PM on his choice of words.

He said: “But do you understand that victims of child sexual abuse, survivors of child sexual abuse will hear you use the word “spaffed” – which means “ejaculated”, Prime Minister.

“Is ejaculated money up the wall investigating paedophiles the right way to talk about this sort of…”

The Prime Minister appeared to quibble with the definition of the word ‘spaffed.’

“These are your definitions,” he said. “You’ve chosen to use this language.”

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Pike replied: “You used the word in a radio studio. On video.”


Johnson said: “I wasn’t referring in that context to investigations taking place in Rotherham.

“I think it’s very important that funding is spent on frontline policing.”

He went on to suggest his comments were about the fraudulent claims made by ‘Nick’, whose allegations sparked the Operation Midland paedophile investigation in Westminster.

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The PM was also challenged over Jo Swinson’s claim that he has an “empathy bypass” and finds it difficult to say sorry.

He said: “I’m very happy to apologise for things I’ve got wrong. And I famously…I’ve apologised for many things in my life.”

Mr Johnson also refused to apologise for claiming the best way to honour Jo Cox’s memory was to “get Brexit done.”

But he said he had been in touch with the murdered Labour MP’s family, who had been “very understanding.



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