'Boris Johnson has dropped the ball on Brexit, Covid and now on Afghanistan'

Fibbing comes naturally to blustering showman of a Prime Minister Boris Johnson who demands the limelight and wilts under scrutiny, writes Kevin Maguire

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‘A confident, honest leader would be grilled in detail by the media’

Boris Johnson dropped the ball on Afghanistan by failing to plan earlier with genuine urgency to evacuate Britons and locals owed a new life.

The Prime Minister dropped the ball on Covid with a blasé approach resisting lockdowns, his resistance to expert scientific advice piling bodies on the funeral pyre.

And he dropped the ball on Brexit, replacing lies to squeak a narrow Leave vote with a bad deal emptying shop shelves and starving takeaways of chickens.

Later this year he’ll drop balls on the economic recovery, so-called levelling-up, NHS waiting lists, social care and the Cop26 climate summit.

Because a lazy juggler incapable of adequately handling a single major issue for any sustained period with verve and imagination isn’t fit to be Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson is sidestepping uncomfortable truths, writes Kevin Maguire



Fibbing comes naturally to the blustering showman who demands the limelight and wilts under scrutiny.

Issuing a home video yesterday on the humiliating retreat from Afghanistan was another example of his political cowardice.

A confident, honest leader would be grilled in detail by the media on the public’s behalf.

Downing Street’s director’s cut was the lilly-livered PM sidestepping uncomfortable truths about unforgivable failings in high office.

The military, Border Force and Foreign Office officials who risked their lives to extract 15,000 people, saving 8,000 Afghans from the Taliban, were heroic.

Johnson, who told Dominic Raab to enjoy a weekend in Crete, should hang his head in shame when a Minister in his Government’s reported to have complained 1,000 more might’ve been rescued had a Foreign Secretary the PM refuses to sack returned to work earlier.

Afghanistan isn’t unique, a one-off. Disasters and broken promises are Johnson’s trademark.

It’s how Britain’s worst post-war Premier, worse than David Cameron or Theresa May, misgoverns.

Tory MPs are losing faith. No reprieve’s on the horizon. It’s why he’ll toy with an early election to keep them in line.

His own future is all Johnson cares about.


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