Boris Johnson claims: 'We have a way to get Brexit done' – live news

My message to them is that the worst thing for democracy now would be to cancel the referendum, which is what some people are now suggesting, to annul that result, to tell the people that they are going to be ignored, after all the promises that have been made. Because everybody can see what the risk is now.

“If we frustrate that mandate, if we stop the UK from leaving on October 31st, if that’s what parliamentarians end up doing, it will do lasting damage to people’s trust in politics. It will do catastrophic damage to the major parties in this country. This political generation won’t be forgiven for failing to honour that promise.

“We told the people we would get it done. We have a way to get it done, we are in the last stages now of negotiating with our friends about a way to get it done. If we can’t succeed in that negotiation we must come out anyway. But the best way to succeed in that negotiation is for everybody to be united in the objective and for the UK negotiations to have the strongest possible hand, and that’s what we’ll do over the next few weeks.


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