Boris Johnson announces Covid inquiry will start before next Queen's Speech

A public inquiry into the government’s handling of coronavirus will start before the next Queen’s Speech, Boris Johnson announced today.

The Prime Minister finally put a deadline on kick-starting a full independent process to examine his actions in the pandemic – after 127,000 UK deaths.

He told MPs an inquiry will begin “within this session” of Parliament. Sessions usually last around a year from one spring to the next.

But the length of a session is also at the Prime Minister’s choosing and he can opt to make it last until 2024 if he wants to.

It comes after the government repeatedly refused bereaved families’ demands for an immediate public inquiry, saying it would not be “appropriate” because officials’ “workload” was too high.

The PM’s confession came as he was blasted by Labour leader Keir Starmer for announcing a Queen’s Speech that failed to fix crisis-hit social care – in an “insult to the whole nation”.

This breaking news story is being updated.


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