Book a stay at a fancy 4* hotel instead of an Airbnb as they’re CHEAPER due to Covid – especially in Greece and Spain

HOTELS are cheaper than ever due the pandemic – and a 4-star suite may be cheaper than your Airbnb rental.

Many holiday destinations, in particularly cities, have struggled as the pandemic has halted travel in many destinations.

Four star hotels are now cheaper than home rentals due to the pandemic in a number of holiday destinations


Four star hotels are now cheaper than home rentals due to the pandemic in a number of holiday destinationsCredit: Alamy

The hospitality industry has been hit the hardest, as hotels try and claw back guests.

New data compiled by tour operator Dertour has revealed the 2020 Hotel Price Index, comparing hotels and holiday homes across 75 destinations.

This has revealed a massive difference in prices between three and four star accommodation compared to holiday homes – depending on where you are going on holiday.

For example, Santorini and Mykonos four-star hotels were found to be much cheaper than home rentals.

In Santorini, renting an apartment or house cost on average €184, compared to €155 for a four-star hotel, while in Mykonos the difference was almost 50 per cent (€288 compared to €149).

This is the same for Majorca in Spain – renting a place will set you back €158, but a four-star hotel is €131.

With many hotels also offering perks such as airport pick-up, breakfast or on-site facilities, you will also get much more for your money.

Venice, Paris and Dubrovnik don't have so many 4* hotel bargains however


Venice, Paris and Dubrovnik don’t have so many 4* hotel bargains howeverCredit: Alamy

Even three-star hotels are looking much cheaper at many of the popular holiday city destinations.

Avoid booking four-star hotels in Venice, Paris, or Dubrovnik, along with Athens and Rome – a home rental is much cheaper.

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Dr. Ingo Burmester, CEO DER Touristik Central Europe, said that “travel itself will be cheap in 2021,” especially for package tours, as this is determined by the cost of flights and hotels.

He continued: “Although it has been a challenging period, we have seen a great deal of interest in domestic travel.

“We also predict a major catch-up effect for Mediterranean destinations, European trips and long-haul routes in 2021 as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.”

In the UK, a new Sleep Over to Help Turnover scheme has seen more than 100 hotels sign up offering deals and discounts to guests.

Here are some of the hotels signed up to it, offering free upgrades and booze.

Here are the best value hotels in the UK, according to the Good Hotel Guide, starting from £85 a night.

How your hotel stay will be different after coronavirus lockdown



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