Board Fires Hibbler Effective Sept. 15, No Interim Appointed – Enterprise-Tocsin

As of Wednesday of this week, Indianola will again be without a top cop. A motion made following a closed executive session on Monday night resulted in the termination of Chief Markricus “Bo” Hibbler.

Hibbler is only in his third month on the job after being hired in June.

Previously, he served with IPD as an officer and also in the position of chief for the Sunflower County Consolidated School District.

Ward 1 Alderman Gary Fratesi called for the motion.

“I make the motion (for the) termination of Chief Hibbler effective September 15,” Fratesi said.

Ward 5 Alderman Sam Brock seconded his motion.

During the vote, Fratesi said yes, Ward 2 Alderman Darrell Simpson said no, Ward 3 Alderman Ruben Woods abstained, Ward 4 Alderman Marvin Elder also abstained, and Brock pushed out the second yes vote.

“Motion carries,” said Mayor Steve Rosenthal.

Elder then introduced a motion to appoint Investigator Sergeant Regina Simpson as the interim chief, but that motion failed for lack of a second. With that, the meeting was adjourned.


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