'Blundering Johnson spreading confusion while wrecking travel industry'

Our Government would be rightly livid if other governments told travellers returning from anywhere in Britain to quarantine for two weeks, now the virus is spiking in some areas here.

Yet that is the blanket rule we are applying to Spain instead of just targeting those areas with high infection rates.

Again the PM is the master of mixed messages and inconsistency. He was against quarantine, then for it, opposed masks, then made them mandatory in England’s shops.

Local problems need local solutions. While busy wrecking the travel industry Boris Johnson is, as usual, spreading confusion.

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Many families are now frightened to book trips because they are unable to second-guess the blundering Tory leader.

We must never forget that under his watch Britain has suffered one of the worst Covid-19 death tolls in the world as well as economic carnage. No doubt Mr Johnson will try to blame this all on others.

Reward heroes

The refusal to award our NHS coronavirus heroes a significant pay rise exposes Boris Johnson’s cynical hot air.

He is marooned on the wrong side of public opinion when nearly three-quarters of us back a hefty wage rise for doctors, nurses and the rest of the health service.

Nurses won’t be getting a pay rise any time soon

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is plummeting from hero to zero by sticking to an old three-year deal that is redundant after Covid-19 struck.

The definition of hypocrisy could be Tories who clapped NHS workers now clamping down on their pay. The nation will punish Johnson for short-changing those who risked their lives to save ours.

Grand new role

Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani has revealed she is pregnant

Eastenders’ star Danny Dyer is now to be a grandfather in real life, aged just 43.

If this had been in the soap, regulars in the Queen Vic would be buying him drinks.

Danny can show he’s a hands-on gramps by changing nappies…and pushing a pram.


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