Black holes may be the key to time travel and make ‘billions of years pass in minutes’

Mysterious black holes could be the key to time travel because the phenomena have the ability to dilate time. Time dilation is the difference in time when measured on two clocks. Imagine one of these clocks was placed on a spaceship which travels at the speed of light, or close to it, and another remained on Earth.

When the spaceship reaches light speed, time is separately relative to both the clock on Earth and in the space ship.

As the speed of light is constant for both parties, it would seem as if time would be moving much slower on the rocket.

Hypothetically, as one gets closer to the black hole, time would appear to be travelling normally but for observers on the outside, thousands of years would have passed.

Atharva Palshetkar of the CTES College, Mumbai, India, said on Q+SA website Quora: “Being this close to a black hole, time affects the spaceship and it gets slower and slower as it gets near a black hole.

“Now if someone was supposed to see you falling down a black hole, he would see you going slower and slower, taking weeks, years and even decades, until you reach a point where light cant escape the black hole’s event horizon.

“The viewer then just sees a spaceship stuck at the event horizon until it gets red shifted and it gradually disappears.

“Meanwhile, while you enter the black hole everything you see outside will begin to speed up outside.

“Your family, kids, grandkids, hundreds of generations will rise and fall in just matters of minutes and hours.

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For example, if you were travelling feet first into a black hole, the gravity be so strong you would literally be ‘spaghettified’, and you would be stretched out to a point where you would just be a stream of atoms heading towards the centre.

Another impossible hurdle to overcome would be getting to a black hole.

The nearest black hole to our planet is located 6,523 light-years away – one light-year is 5.88 trillion miles.

The farthest humans have been from Earth is 248,655 miles (400,171 km) in 1970 as part of NASA’s Apollo 13 mission when the craft swung around the far side of the moon – it took almost three days to get there.



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