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Good morning…

It is that time of the year again. It didn’t used to be much of a fixture in the British calendar, but Black Friday – indeed the whole of this forthcoming weekend – have become a key part of the countdown to Christmas for retailers and consumers alike.

I’m Martin Belam, and I’ll be trying to help you navigate to some of the best deals online from retailers both big or small.

Rampant consumerism in the Guardian? Well, not quite. Of course I’ll be pointing you to the best deals for phones, games, clothes and other things that might feature on your nearest and dearest’s Xmas lists. But I’m also very interested in the environmental impact of Black Friday, and I’ll be directing you to some sustainable and ethical deals and products which can help mitigate the environmental damage of the holiday season.

And I’m keen to hear from you, readers, about alternatives to spending money on stuff that folks don’t really need. So drop me a line on, and hopefully I can help save you a bit of cash on your Xmas gifts and we can have an ethically sound Black Friday too.


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