Bizarre Brad Pitt lawsuit over internet scam tossed – Film News

Brad Pitt has beaten a bizarre $100,000 (£76,000) lawsuit against him.

Kelli Christina attempted to sue Pitt after she was conned by an internet scammer who pretended to be him.

The case has been tossed out of court, but the Texas businesswoman claimed Pitt should have done more to protect his fans from impostors.

Christina revealed the conman reached out to her online in 2018 and asked her to organise fundraisers for Pitt’s home-building Make It Right Foundation.

The imposter agreed to attend each event but would cancel at the last minute after grabbing an agreed appearance fee.

Christina claimed she developed such a bond with the scammer that there were “discussions of marriage”.

Christina sued Pitt last month, but a judge granted Pitt’s motion to dismiss the case on Thursday, according to court documents obtained by Page Six.

Christina told the outlet she intends to appeal the judgment, stating: “Brad Pitt ignored all (my problems for) a year and a half. He was contacted (about the ordeal) at Make It Right, Plan B Entertainment (production company), his Los Angeles home and his Beverly Hills attorney (in) the summer of 2019.”

She added: “All problems (were) ignored and yet it’s his name and reputation (being used to defraud people).”


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