Bitcoin Hits Demand Record In Venezuela: The Market Is At Growth Phase – ICO Brothers

Most of capitalization rating leaders, including bitcoin, show growth.

Thursday starts with positive trend for crypto market. Most of rating leaders stated growing. Daily capitalization remains at the level of $130 billion, improving environment’s indicators.

Bitcoin increased 0,07%. EOS is the leader in terms of growth – the crypto currency increased 3,36%, it seems to be a great result against the background of yesterday’s volume drop by 2.86%.

Tether stablecoin price sees negative trend, it maintains at the level of $1.1 now.

According to Coin Dance resources, bitcoin popularity keeps growing in a range of countries. As for February, 28th, Indonesia and Venezuela are the leaders, its citizens are fighting against hyperinflation with the help of crypto currencies.

Bitcoin gained popularity in Indonesia recently, but it hits the demand records in Venezuela regularly. This week, its trading volume is 24,423,410,921 bolivars, while previous all-time-high was 24,355,772,006 bolivars.
Meanwhile, China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) presented a new crypto currency rating where BTC made several steps up.


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