Bids opened for Park Rapids High School improvements – Park Rapids Enterprise

Representatives of ICS opened bids Jan. 24 in the Park Rapids Area High School auditorium for up to 24 separate work scopes on the upcoming high school additions and renovations.

The school board authorized ICS to put the project out to bid in a special meeting on Dec. 22. At that time, Project Manager Justin Maaninga estimated construction costs totaling $23,954,412 for the additions (totaling 77,750 square feet) and $13,868,765 for the renovations (83,000 square feet), including a 5% reserve for contingencies – a total of about $37 million.

Maaninga, together with project engineer Austin May, project development manager Jason Splett and project director Damien Williams, moved rapidly through the sealed bids, noting that all bidders acknowledged the required addenda, signed their bids and included bid bonds in their submittals.

Also, according to the bid tabulation worksheet provided by ICS after the bid opening, all of the bidders are credentialed as Minnesota Responsible Contractors.

Numerous contractors bid on the project, with up to four vendors bidding on several of the work scopes and five on one work scope.

Asked to comment on the day of the bid, district business manager Kent Fritze said it was too early to say but noted there were some big differences between competitive bids.

“I don’t know if that was good or bad,” he said, adding that it depends on the budget for each scope. However, Fritze said, it was good to see multiple vendors bidding on many of the work scopes.

Asked what the district will do about doors, frames and hardware supply, which didn’t receive any bids, Fritze said, “We start reaching out,” hoping they will find interested contractors.

Commenting on Jan. 26, Maaninga noted that parts of PRoject 309 already complete include replacement of the Helten Ave. tennis courts and refurbishing metal wall panels at the high school. Now they’ve bid out the high school improvements, which comprise 80% of the referendum.

“We’re tracking very well to stay within the overall PRoject 309 budget,” he said, adding, “We’re very happy” and “very, very excited” with how the project’s costs are shaping up.


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