'Biden's mission to restore America's soul is in all our interests'

Joe Biden today held up a torch of hope as he sought to guide America out of the darkness of the past four years.

The 46th President did not shy away from the challenges. The US is reeling from Covid, battered by an economic downturn and ­uncertain about its place in the world.

Mr Biden also has to heal the wounds and tend to the scars left by Donald Trump’s ­divisive administration.

Much of the new President’s inaugural address was a rebuke to a predecessor who sought conflict instead of unity, lies in place of the truth and profit ahead of public service.

U.S. President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden stand at the North Portico of The White House after Biden's inauguration
U.S. President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden stand at the North Portico of The White House after Biden’s inauguration

The world can breathe more easily now Trump has gone. Yet the task of restoring the soul of America will require, as Mr Biden said, people to put aside their differences.

He has set himself some admirable goals: tackling climate change, ending racial injustice and rebuilding faith in democracy.

It is in all our interests that he succeeds.

Bad choices

It is no accident that Britain has one of the world’s highest Covid infection rates and death tolls.

Failure to control the virus is a result of choices made by the PM and his Cabinet.

When challenged by Keir Starmer, Boris Johnson could not explain why he had ignored Priti Patel’s call in March to close our borders.

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Boris Johnson overruled Priti Patel by keeping Britain's borders open during the pandemic
Boris Johnson overruled Priti Patel by keeping Britain’s borders open during the pandemic

This potentially fatal decision can be added to a charge sheet which includes failure to protect care homes, a delayed first lockdown and loosening of restrictions over Christmas.

The PM is stalling on holding a public inquiry into his handling of Covid.

He cannot run forever. At some point he must be held to account for his actions that has already cost nearly 100,000 lives.

All sewed up

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