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Republican officials and campaign advisers have just under three weeks to figure out a new location for the programming they had been set to hold in Jacksonville, Fla., and to finalize a roster of speakers. Even without a full convention, officials said, they are set on capitalizing on a week of earned media highlighting what they see as Mr. Trump’s accomplishments and record.

On Monday, Mr. Trump announced he would visit Charlotte, N.C., the original host city of the convention, on Aug. 24 to visit a few hundred delegates who are still planning to convene there for a day of convention business, and for the official roll call where the president is renominated. Mr. Trump is not expected to give extended remarks during the visit.

During a hearing on antitrust, Republicans accuse big tech of censoring conservative views.

Ninety-seven days before a pivotal presidential election, Republicans led a congressional hearing on technology antitrust by accusing the top tech companies of censoring conservative thought, underscoring the political backdrop of a Capitol Hill hearing supposedly focused on those companies’ monopoly of the online economy.

“Conservatives are consumers, too,” said Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, the highest-ranking Republican on the panel. “Reports that dissenting views, often conservative ones, are targeted or censored is seriously troubling. The power to influence debate carries with it remarkable responsibilities,” he said.

Mr. Sensenbrenner, of Wisconsin, questioned why Donald Trump Jr. was sanctioned this week when he tweeted a video of doctors making unfounded claims about the use of hydroxychloroquine, an unproven treatment for Covid-19.

“That happened on Twitter,” Facebook’s C.E.O., Mark Zuckerberg, said when Mr. Sensenbrenner asked him about it. Mr. Zuckerberg told lawmakers, nevertheless, that while Facebook wants to give everyone a voice, some content would be censored.

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“Stating that there’s a proven cure for Covid when there is in fact none might be harmful,” he said.



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