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Conversion between e-currencies is now safer, easier and more economical with BestChange’ s list of curated exchangers.

Electronic currencies or e-currencies are becoming increasingly popular, especially after the introduction of cryptocurrencies over a decade ago. The rising usage of e-currencies is mainly due to the superior flexibility, convenience, speed and cost of transactions they offer over fiat currencies.

A lot of times, in order to conduct seamless transactions, users will have to convert one form of digital currency to other. Satisfying this requirement are hundreds of exchangers supporting a range of currency pairs. However, most of the exchangers support a limited number of digital currencies and the exchange rate varies depending on demand, platform’s exchange fee structure and more. In such a scenario, picking the right exchanger that suits user’s needs while offering the best exchange rate can be a bit challenging and any platform that can make this process easier is invaluable to the community.

Helping Users Make the Right Choice

BestChange is a free online platform that provides a curated list of exchange platforms for a wide range of crypto, digital and fiat currencies. Launched in 2007, the platform has been monitoring the exchange platforms for over more than a decade, even before Bitcoin came into existence. Backed by a strong track record, the company has made a name for itself when it comes to the user experience and reliability of information presented on the platform. All the exchangers listed on the platform are thoroughly verified by BestChange based on multiple evaluation criteria. The platform also monitors the listed exchangers in real-time for prices and in case of service-related issues, such listings will be disabled temporarily until the issues are resolved. This way, BestChange has been able to suggest the best pricing and uninterrupted service to its users.

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The entire process of exchanging digital assets is simplified on BestChange, eliminating the need to create multiple accounts on different platforms just to get the best rates. All one has to do is select the currency pair for exchange, choose an exchanger offering the best rate from the list, verify the exchanger’s reserves and initiate the conversion process. If there are any doubts regarding any particular exchanger’s reliability, they have the option to check user reviews for that exchanger and go ahead with the process only once they are completely satisfied. Otherwise, users can always choose a different exchanger and complete the process.  Currently, BestChange lists over 250 exchangers with more applying to join every day.

Whenever a new exchanger submits an application for inclusion into the list, BestChange conducts a thorough check to ensure that it satisfies all the operational and security requirements. Once the platform is satisfied that the exchanger has been active for at least 6 months, possesses sufficient liquidity, clearly defined terms of service, contact information, secure HTTPS connection and exchange data sharing capabilities, etc., it will be approved for listing.

BestChange ensures high levels of transparency by displaying vital statistics of exchangers along with an online calculator displaying the exchange value of the amount of assets that are being converted. Users can also keep themselves updated by subscribing to notifications for exchange rates of different asset pairs and reserve amounts on exchangers over Telegram or email. BestChange is also one of the few platforms on which cryptocurrency users can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and other leading digital assets using credit card. According to the company, the most sought-after fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto pairs on the platform are Fiat to Bitcoin and BTC/ETH conversions.

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With an endless list of supported electronic assets, and hundreds of reliable, verified exchangers, BestChange has managed to stay ahead in the rapidly growing digital economy space. By striking the right balance between convenience and transparency, it has strengthened its foothold as a universal entity on which any digital asset can be exchanged for another.

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