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While sales of new electric cars are rising every month, so too is interest in the used EV market.

Thanks to a large number of electric cars hitting the market in the past five years, the used electric market is starting to grow with a larger choice on offer than ever before.

With many brand new electric cars costing anywhere between £30,000 and upwards of £50,000, used models starting from around £10,000 are really starting to appeal to a growing number of used car buyers.

Going electric might be daunting for some but it shouldn’t be, says Mr Wheeler Dealer, and host of the Car Dealer Used Car Awards, Mike Brewer.

In the video above, Brewer said: ‘We have got this world of electrification that’s coming towards us – the inevitable march of electrification. 

‘Lots of people may be put off going electric because of the stories out there about battery technology, and whether the batteries have to be leased or handed back and so on. 

‘[Just like with any other used car] You should really research before you go and buy one, but it’s not that difficult.’

He added: ‘If you’re going down the road of electrification and you’re thinking of buying used, take my advice and go for the best EV you possibly can afford. Go for a car that’s got the longest range, but also look at the charging network out there and how you can get a car charged.’

In the video, Brewer revealed his top five best used electric cars which ranged from value models like the Renault Zoe to performance ones like the Porsche Taycan.

Brewer named his top picks as entries for the Car Dealer Used Car Awards 2021 entered their final week.

Nominations for a wide range of prestigious Used Car Awards close just a week’s time

A nominations list will be published on October 8, followed by a round of mystery shopping with the final shortlist revealed on October 25.

The Car Dealer Used Car Awards, sponsored by Black Horse, will be returning as a physical event at The Brewery in central London on November 29.

Here’s Mike Brewer’s top five best used electric cars:

Tesla Model S June 2015

Tesla Model S

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It’s the king of all electric cars! The Tesla Model S was the first desirable electric car and the first to have a decent range – 200 miles is easily achievable for normal driving, while later versions can achieve over 300 miles on a single charge.

Buying a Tesla also allows access to its charging network – it’s a network that’s still not beaten by any other manufacturer. All carmakers need to align themselves really to what Tesla is doing. 

The BMW i3 is a popular used electric car

BMW i3

The i3 is one of those compact super cool cars. It has low rolling resistance tyres and you have a choice of models – there’s a range-extender model where you’ve got a tiny little generator, or a full-electric version. 

It looks so cool and it’s amazing it was launched way back in 2013 – every time I see one on the road I take a second glance! There have been numerous versions over the years, including the i3S with its sporty styling, but my choice would be the i3 94Ah pure-electric as it does around 120 miles on a full charge and you can pick them up for around £13,000.  

A Renault Zoe on the road

Renault Zoe

Renault jumped into the electric market a long time ago, and the Zoe is a cracking little car. It always remains one of the best value electric cars out there in the used car market – I see them pop up all of the time. 

There was the choice of battery lease or owning the battery when new, but when buying used go for owning the battery – it makes much more sense. It’s nice to drive, it’s roomy inside with a decent boot and you get about 140 miles of range – even up to 245 miles on more recent models. It’s perfect for those who need to go backwards and forwards to the shops or are taking the kids to school.

Volkswagen e-Golf charging

Volkswagen e-Golf 

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Volkswagen builds some amazing cars and the e-Golf is one of those. It’s great because it’s just a Golf that’s electric! It’s got great residual values, excellent build quality, a very classy image and is roomy inside. It’s also good to drive and thanks to its electric motor it’s quicker off the mark than most other petrol and diesel Golfs – perfect for those who like a quick hatchback!

Early cars managed around 125 miles of range but later ones could do an excellent 180 miles. 

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Porsche Taycan driving shot

Porsche Taycan

I could say the Jaguar I-Pace as it’s an excellent electric car when bought new or second hand, but I’m going to include the Porsche Taycan in this list. Why? Well, I bought one! I’ve got the humble Taycan 4S and I’ve put a few bits and pieces on it, and it’s a wonderful car. Fast, well built and because it’s a Porsche it’s huge fun to drive.

I easily get around 250 miles from it, and thanks to its clever technology it’s very fast to charge up at motorway service stations. It costs pennies to charge too!  



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