Best SIP for a new mutual fund investor

I want to invest in a SIP for Rs 1,000 monthly for a long term , around 10 years. Which SIP plan is good? I am a new comer for SIP and want to take less risk and safe return. Kindly guide me.
–Kum Kum Dey

You cannot invest in a SIP. A SIP or Systematic Investment plan allows you to invest regularly in mutual fund schemes, mostly in equity mutual fund schemes. For example, you can invest Rs 1,000 every month through a SIP in an equity mutual fund scheme to take care of your long-term financial goal. Since you are new comer to mutual funds, you should consult a mutual fund advisor in your locality for personalised advice.

Here are a few pointers you may consider. Since you are a new comer, you may consider investing in aggressive hybrid schemes or large cap mutual fund schemes. Aggressive hybrid schemes invest in a mixed portfolio of equity (65-80 per cent) and debt (20—35 per cent). These schemes are relatively less volatile than pure equity schemes that invest most of its corpus in stocks. Large cap mutual funds are also relatively less volatile.

Equity mutual funds are risky, but if you reduce the risk considerably and earn higher returns if you continue to invest or stay invested in them for a long period.

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