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Apple has always been criticised for exorbitant pricing strategy with its products, especially iPhone. The latest list of best selling smartphones of 2021 has proved that pricing is no more a driving factor for the sales of any smartphone.

According to a new report 1 out of every 5 smartphones sold worldwide in Q4 2021 were iPhone. However, the findings must be seen in the light that global supply chain problem and corona viruses affected all manufacturers.

Apple now holds 22% of all global smartphone sales, surpassing Samsung’s 20%. Canalys has released new figures that show the rising popularity of Apple iPhone 13 which helped the Cupertino giant to leapfrog Samsung after several quarters of trailing at second place.

Separately, however, a report by Counterpoint Research stated that the iPhone 13 is the number one best selling smartphone in China.

“Apple saw unprecedented iPhone performance in Mainland China. Apple’s flagship devices were priced aggressively to keep the value proposition strong,” stated Sanyam Chaurasia from Canalys in a statement.

The report indicates that the sales of iPhone reached record high despite Apple struggling to meet iPhone demand due to shortages of key components. However, to keep the impact of shortage minimal, Apple maintained adequate delivery time in prioritized markets, and let the customers in other markets wait for their new iPhones. The strategy paid off and Apple has reclaimed the title of best selling smartphone in Q4 2021.

The shortage of chip will continue to make smartphone companies struggle for some more time. Nicole Peng, Vice President Mobility – Canalys, stated that major foundries will need to increase their chip capacity over the next several years.

Apple was the top smartphone vendor for Q4 2021. However, Apple’s performance during the first three quarters was under par. Generally, Apple performs best in every fourth calendar quarter of the year as a new lineup of iPhone is released before the beginning of the quarter.

In Q4 2021, Apple and Samsung emerged as the top two, followed by Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo which accounted for 12%, 9% and 8% of the worldwide smartphone shipments.

Apple stopped releasing official sales figures for iPhones since 2019. However, the contribution of iPhone to Apple’s overall quarterly revenue depicts a lot about the increasing acceptance of iPhone. From recording just $120 million from iPhone sales in fiscal 2007 to $192 billion in fiscal 2021, the growth of Apple’s valuation is led by iPhone. Today Apple is the only company that has touched the market cap of $3 trillion, and it says a lot about Apple’s dependency on iPhone.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone 14 Pro with much-awaited features including 48MP rear camera by the end of 2022. Rumours about foldable iPhone have also started making rounds on the internet, but Tim Cook & Team is in no mood to hurry as they are believed to have opted ‘wait & watch’ strategy. Apple’s foldable iPhone is unlikely to make a debut before 2023.

In nut shell, the list of best selling smartphones in 2021 is completely dominated by iPhone considering the fact that, unlike other vendors who release more than a dozen of devices in a year, Apple bets on a single series launched once in a year.


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