Best pregnancy supplements to help boost your health

A healthy diet should give you the vitamins you need during pregnancy, but if you feel it’s slightly lacking, you can give it a boost with supplements.

The two main best pregnancy supplements to take are vitamin D and Folic Acid. Many of us don’t get enough vitamin D in our diet, so a supplement can be helpful as it helps your baby to develop strong bones.

Folic acid is important as it helps support the development of your baby’s nervous system.

Iron is another good supplement, as it makes red blood cells for both you and your baby. A doctor may suggest you take iron supplements if you are anaemic or are expecting twins, but always check with your GP before adding supplements to your diet.

According to the NHS, vitamin C is also a good vitamin to stock up on as it protects cells and keeps them healthy. If you are a vegetarian, it might also be a good idea to take a B12 supplement

We’ve rounded up some of the best pregnancy supplements below to see you through each stage.

Best pregnancy supplements

1. Vitabiotics Pregnacare Original

These supplements offer the recommended amount of folic acid, with other benefits thrown in  – there’s also vitamin D, iron, zinc and vitamin B12 so it’s also great for vegetarians.

The supplements are also cruelty-free, and free from preservatives, artificial colours, lactose, yeast and gelatin.

Price: £4.50, Boots – buy here now

2. Protea Wellness Vegan Prenatal Vitamins and Pregnancy Vitamins

Fill up on folic acid, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E and more with this easy-to-take pregnancy supplement ideal for vegans.

Not a fan of swallowing tablets? You can simply empty the sachet into water and drink it instead.

The casing is made from fibre found in fruit and veg, so it’s natural, vegan-friendly and healthy.

Price: £17.92, Amazon – buy here now

3. Seven Seas Pregnancy

Containing 21 expertly blended vitamins and minerals, this is a complete pregnancy multivitamin set of supplements to take throughout your pregnancy.

It includes 400µg of folic acid, which is recommended by the UK government. Folic acid is essential for your baby’s development as it is needed to promote the healthy formation of the baby’s neural tube (the embryonic precursor to the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain and spinal cord).

Take one a day, and this packet is enough for a month’s supply.

Price: £5.50, Boots – buy here now

4. Vitabiotics Ultra Folic Acid Tablets

According to the NHS, it’s recommended that all pregnant women take a daily folic acid supplement of 400 micrograms for at least the first 12 weeks.

This will help support the development of the baby’s spine. If you’re just looking to keep it simple with folic acid and B12, these are the supplements for you.

Price: £3.75, Amazon – buy here now

5. Viridian Pregnancy Complex

These high-quality vegetarian-friendly pregnancy supplements contain the recommended 400mcg of folic acid with a host of other good-for-you ingredients.

There’s also vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium, and magnesium among other things, for a complete programme of vitamins and minerals to see you through your pregnancy.

Price: £19.89, Amazon – buy here now

6. PregnaNeed Original Supplement

This affordable set of pregnancy tablets offers three months’ worth in one packet.

Boasting 19 vitamins and minerals, it has all you need to see you through the stages, including the recommended level of 400mcg of folic well as vitamin B12. It does not include vitamin A, high levels of which are not recommended during pregnancy.

Vegetarian-friendly and great if you don’t want to splash out a small fortune.

Price: £9, Amazon – buy here now

7. Bare Biology Bump & Glory Omega 3 Capsules for Pregnant Women

These sustainable capsules come in eco-friendly pots and are perfect for the thoughtful consumer.

Bare Biology Omega 3 oils are free from heavy metals and other nasties often found in fish oils. But DHA and EPA, found in fish oils, forms a major part of our brain, eye and skin tissue.

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that are abundant in fish. One capsule contains around the same amount of EPA as in a tin of sardines. A health boost in a pot.

Price: £19, Amazon – buy here now

8. Solimo Folic Acid and Vitamin D

Easily get your recommended amount  of folic acid and vitamin D with these simple capsules.

The folic acid will help the development of the neural tube and vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium.

With 365 tablets, there’s a good year’s supply so you don’t have to faff with reordering when you run out.

Price: £14.44, Amazon – buy here now


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