Best mutual funds to invest through SIPs

I am 27 years old. Last year, I invested a lumpsum amount of Rs 1 lakh each in Axis Global Innovation Fund and SBI Balanced Advantage Fund. These funds seem to be not performing well. Should I continue with these mutual funds? Also, what are the other mutual funds I can invest in through SIP? (As per the online quiz taken, the risk appetite was shown to be growth)

–Indu Jayendran

Axis Global Innovation Fund of Funds is a fund of fund that invests in overseas stocks. It was launched in 2021. SBI Balanced Advantage Fund was launched in August 2021. The scheme dynamically manages its equity and debt allocation. It is not clear why you have invested in these schemes. Or why you have chosen these new schemes. We do not recommend investing in new fund offers or NFOs. We believe it is always better to invest in a scheme with a performance record. Also, you cannot judge the performance of an equity scheme in less than a year. You should use this experience to learn about investing. Think before investing. Always remember there is an opportunity cost and losses every time you make a wrong investment choice.

Growth is an investment option. We believe the quiz you have taken is trying to tell you that you can invest in equity schemes. We believe investors can use equity schemes to take care of their long term goals that are at least seven years away. Investors should also be able to take some risk. We won’t be able to recommend any schemes or category to you as you have not shared your risk profile with us. It is extremely important to choose mutual funds based on your risk profile and goals. For example, a conservative equity investor should invest mostly in large cap mutual funds. A moderate investor should invest mostly in flexi cap schemes. If you are not familiar with mutual fund basics, seek the help of a professional.


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