Best industries to work in if you want to afford a supercar

The study has revealed the most common occupation out of 155 of supercar owners. The price of these motors averaged at £204,736.

According to the study, a job in property is the most likely way you will be able to own a supercar.

“With an average car price of £202,180, an occupation in property is definitely one to consider for those looking to earn megabucks.

“With the most expensive car on the list priced at £1.65million, you’ll definitely want to be following in that millionaire’s footsteps with a job in real estate to get your hands on your very own Bugatti Chiron.”

24 percent of those interviewed by Daniel Mac working in real estate own either a McLaren or Ferrari and 14 percent own a Lamborghini.

One of those property workers who owns a £144,000 Ferrari California gave some advice for those looking for a lifestyle like his:

“Work in a business that you can learn enough to start your own business,” they said.

Starting one’s own company or working in technology are the joint-second most popular ways to make enough cash to splash out on the likes of a Lamborghini, McLaren, or Bentley.

“With the average cost of the car for those interviewed working in technology at £161,950, it could well be the industry to consider going into.”

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