Best fitness skipping ropes to burn calories and stay in shape at home

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Burn those calories at home or in the gym with a fitness skipping

Gym membership on hold? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of easy ways you can keep fit in the comfort of your own home – and skipping is one of the most effective ones.

Skipping as a form of at-home fitness boasts a multitude of benefits. It’s affordable and you don’t need any special equipment, it’s also easy to store the rope in a small space.  You can do it indoors if the British weather doesn’t play ball and it works all of your body, from your legs to your core and your arms.

The best skipping ropes will have an ergonomic handle and be long enough so you aren’t tripping over it; they should be at least three-feet taller than your height to avoid this.

Many will be adjustable to suit your size, and a good way to check the right length for you is to stand on the middle of the rope with your feet and bring the handles to your armpit.

There are generally two types of skipping ropes: weighted and speed. A weighted rope (one where you can add weights into the handles) will burn more calories and build strength, while a speed rope will boost endurance. Both are great options for fitness.

For an average person, a skipping rope workout can burn around 10 calories a minute, meaning you can burn 100 calories with a 10-minute skipping rope workout, making it a time-efficient way to get fit too. In fact, 15 minutes of skipping is the equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging.

So what are you waiting for? We’ve rounded up the best fitness skipping ropes below so you can jump straight into a new and easy at-home workout routine.

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Best fitness skipping ropes for 2021

1. Fomody Skipping Rope

Want to dip your toe in the skipping pool but don’t want to spend a fortune? This a great starter skipping rope – and comes in at under a tenner.

It’s lightweight with comfortable anti-slip handles, has a long 9ft rope cable that you can adjust to suit your height, and has a ball-bearing system so you have a smooth skipping experience without twisting and winding.

One shopper said: :The best thing I’ve ever bought for a short high intensity work out. Really effective and it is value for money.”

Price: £8.10, Amazon – buy here now

2. Gritin Skipping Rope

Another brilliant budget option is this weighted fitness skipping rope, which  also boasts a 360-degree swivel ball bearing for tangle-free jumping and good calorie-burning.

It has a 3m (10ft) rope length, which you can adjust to suit your size, and the lightweight ergonomic handles are covered in comfortable memory foam.

“This turned out to exceed all my expectations,” said one reviewer. “The comfortable handles have a nice grip, the rope is strong and resistant yet light enough to just skip or speed jump. What I’ve found most useful is how easy is to adjust the length, so if you train with someone else who’s got a different height you can quickly change the length to take turns. To be honest I can’t find any drawbacks.”

Price: £5.99, Amazon – buy here now

3. Domyos weighted skipping rope

Slim down, tone up, and strengthen your upper body with this weighted fitness skipping rope, which allows you to pair cardio with strength training.

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It comes with two 80g removable weights, which well help to tone your forearms and arms (bye bye, bingo wings).

The length is also adjustable so you can make it perfect for you, and it has a bearing system for smooth, no-tangle skipping sessions.

Price: £9.99, Decathlon – buy here now

4. Nike Weight Rope

Challenge yourself and double up your cardio and strength training with this weighted fitness skipping rope from Nike.

It has an adjustable length to suit all sizes, and the comfortable handles have a 230g (0.23kg) weight in each to boost calorie-burning, and help boost your core and arm strength and tone.

Price: £20, JD Sports – buy here now

5. Beast Rope by Beast Gear

Fancy a little fat-burning HIIT session? Skipping is a great option, and this jumping rope helps you enjoy a great cardio, conditioning and fat loss exercise.

It’s strong, lightweight and flexible, and as a top-notch ball bearing system  for smooth spinning at fast speeds. The rope is easily adjustable to suit all sizes, and it comes with a carry bag for easy storage.

Price: £9.97, Amazon – buy here now

6. The Dope Rope 2.0 – Cardio Fitness Jump Rope

Add a pop of colour to your workouts with this pink fitness skipping rope, which also comes in blue, purple and black.

Ideal for all levels, it’s a great little cardio workout that will get you moving with ease.

The 5mm PVC cord gives the rope enough weight to give a good amount of feel, which is important for new jumpers, but also cuts through the air quicker to allow you to add speed to increase the intensity of your workouts.

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Price: £16.99, Dope Ropes – buy here now

7. Nike Fundamental Speed Skipping Rope

A sleek-looking fitness skipping rope perfect for all levels of jumpers, this Nike speed rope has a high-density plastic cable for fast and smooth rotation.

It has ergonomic hollow handles that are comfortable and lightweight, and the rope length can be adjusted to suit your height.

It doesn’t have a steel cable inside, so if you prefer more ‘feel’ of your rope, it might not be for you.

Price: £17.99, Argos – buy here now

8. Opti Skipping Rope

Can’t focus on counting skips while jumping? Worry no more. This clever bit of kit has an built-in counter to tell you how many rotations you’ve done as well as how many calories you’ve burned.

It also has an adjustable rope length, and high-quality ball bearings for speed and comfort.

One customer said: “The rope has an easy system to lengthen and shorten if you are swapping between users, and the digital counter is easy too.”

Price: £9.99, Argos – buy here now

9. Fitfort Skipping Rope

If you’re looking for a great-value fitness skipping rope that’s easy to use and does what it says on the tin, this is perfect.

It has good quality ball bearings to support fast jumps without tangles, and is great for beginners or experienced skippers.

It’s very compact and can be stored or taken with you anywhere easily. The anti-slip handles are soft and moisture-wicking, and the length is adjustable too.

Price: £7.99, Amazon – buy here now



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