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Best Black Friday 2019 SIM-only and data plans including EE, Vodafone and Giffgaff

Black Friday can be a great time to get a new contract for your phone Getty Images)

Phone networks like EE, Vodafone and Giffgaff are jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon with a heap of savings you can take advantage of.

Along with deals on phone bundles, there are also SIM-only deals that mean you can get an even better deal if you want to hang on to your old device.

It some cases, it can work out much cheaper to buy a device outright and equip it with a new SIM card than try and bundle the two together.

In fact, to really get into the spirit of Black Friday 2019, there’s also some bonus bundles that throw in things like games consoles or tablets. So if you’ve suddenly got the urge to pick up an extra PS4, this could be the moment to do so.

We’ve had a look around at some of the best deals and saved you time by listing them here. Remember to check back as well because we’ll be sure to update this page with any new deals that come along in the meantime.


There are some Vodafone deals to be had (Mike Kemp/In PIctures via Getty Images)

Vodafone has thrown together a few different Black Friday deals. You can find a complete list over on its website, but these are some of the ones we spotted.


Three has some good deals on data (Three)

Three traditionally has better deals on data and is making some good reductions – but there aren’t any goodies bundled in with any of its offers. These are the ones we spotted.


Giffgaff has some deals on for Black Friday (Giffgaff)

If you haven’t heard of Giffgaff, it can be a good option as it doesn’t tie you in to the same contracts as other larger networks. These are the best deals we could find on Giffgaff.


EE is storming ahead with 5G coverage (EE)

EE offers the most wide-ranging network in the UK and has a number of deals on for Black Friday. Here’s what we spotted.


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