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Best Apple Black Friday deals with iPhones and AirPods already out in 2019

Are you looking out for Apple deals on Black Friday? (Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

The Black Friday bonanza is nearly upon us and it’s quite right to think you could pick up some Apple gear on the cheap.

Unfortunately, because Apple is about as big as it gets when talking about consumer technology – it goes about Black Friday a little differently.

Last year, for example, rather than reduce its products, it offered incentives when you bought them at regular price.

Pick up an iPhone, for example, and you got a £40 Apple Store Gift Card. That rose to £80 if you buy an iPad. You get the idea: Apple doesn’t have to play by the standard rulebook.

It also doesn’t tend to reveal any red hot offers ahead of time and we’re still a good week away from Black Friday proper.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other retailers happy to discount the tech company’s gadgets.

So if you’re desperate for some Apple swag, check out these handy deals…

The Apple AirPods are being reduced at Amazon (Amazon)
The iPhone 8 is a much cheaper way into the Apple ecosystem (Amazon)
Apple Watch Series 3 has been reduced by Currys (Currys)


Last year’s MacBook Pro is discounted at John Lewis (Apple)
Apple’s latest iPad has been given a small discount (Amazon)

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