Bengal is gearing up for the reverse buyer seller meet on textiles, apparel & jute

West Bengal will witness first ever ‘reverse buyer seller’ meet this year between December 6 and 8, in Eco Park at New Town. The meet is being organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

In all, some 50 international buyers across more than 19 countries from the textile sector are coming to Kolkata to attend the meet, said a press statement issued by the chamber. Big names such as TT Ltd, National Jute Board and Biswa Bangla is expected to be part of the event along with a gamut of MSMEs from the textile, apparel, fashion, home textiles, yarn and jute industry.

The Kolkata meet will become a game changer for the Bengal textile sector, the release said. It will also help revive sustainable fabrics such as jute, canvas and cotton as well as the long stagnant knitting industry through partnership with Garknit Exhibition.

The ICC release further added, motivation for the event came from the state minister for finance & industries Amit Mitra so that the MSME industry could benefit and look to move global. ICC National Expert Committee on Textiles chairman Sanjay Jain elaborated that the idea behind the meet is to give global exposure to small players lacking the fund to go and invest outside the country. The meet will bring international buyers from countries such as UAE. Australia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Poland, Mauritius, Malaysia, Iran, Jordan, Palestine, Rwanda.

Apart from international buyers, the event will also have few industry captains across the country to support their buyers, Jain said. Karnataka is the partner state for the event.

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