'Bank robber Boris Johnson's new bout of chaos will cause more needless deaths'

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are like bank robbers who thought they’d got away with the loot. Then when they got busted, thought all they needed to do was give the money back.

What a chaotic way to run our country.

We woke up on Sunday morning to the news that the Prime Minister and his Chancellor had, like so many other people, been pinged by NHS Test and Trace but – unlike so many others – were avoiding self isolation.

Why? Because they claimed some special VIP treatment meant they didn’t have to.

When, rightly, there was uproar, they U turned.

There are some serious questions they need to answer about this. Things like, who is eligible for this pilot scheme, how do others join it and, importantly, why does it seem that so many Tory ministers are part of it?

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Boris Johnson is now isolating after a meeting with Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who has Covid
Boris Johnson is now isolating after a meeting with Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who has Covid

The rest of us have done so much to stick to the rules, we have all made enormous sacrifices and we all understand the reasons why and the need to keep going.

It is so important that the public have confidence in self isolation and in measures like the NHS app. Now would not be the time to take the batteries out of the smoke alarm.

This is why the chaotic, incompetent way Boris Johnson conducts himself is so dangerous. It makes for bad government and has deadly consequences for the British public. Infections are rocketing because he let the Delta variant, also known as the ‘Johnson variant’, into the country.

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When you talk to shopworkers, for example, they tell you they fear being pinged. The same for workers in manufacturing, health, transport, bars, restaurants and hotels.

They don’t have the option to work from home and many get only the very basic statutory sick pay, which even Conservative ministers say isn’t enough to live on. Sixteen months on from the first lockdown, they still haven’t done anything about it.

Workers living in fear and confusion. Businesses, already struggling, facing yet more possible closures and loss of income. Parents trying to cope when their children have been sent home from school. Understandably, they will wondering what on earth is going on in Downing Street.

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Yet another example of the Conservatives’ response to this pandemic being to try to fix the rules to benefit themselves, and only backtracking when they are found out.

They are recklessly opening up the country without keeping essential measures in place. Labour is calling for masks to stay, work from home if you can, proper ventilation in buildings, and to fix self isolation payments. The scientists say these measures will bring down transmission.

The Conservatives’ approach is a recipe for chaos, confusion and more needless deaths.

Britain deserves better.



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