Avoiding saying ‘I do’ to debt – creative ways to save for your wedding

As restrictions ease, many are excited to finally tie the knot after months of rescheduling and replanning, however their budgets might not be as excited. Weddings are known to be expensive endeavours but rather than going into debt for one special day there is plenty of ways to save creatively without compromising the celebration.

Don’t forget to budget for insurance, a wedding is undeniably expensive but ensuring that your investment will be worthwhile is priceless.

When budgeting, be open to cheaper alternatives for traditional wedding aspects: instead of an expensive cake why not have a tower of pancakes instead.

Make a timeline

Once you have a budget to work towards it’s easier to estimate how long it will take to save that amount and create an estimated timeline.


Make and celebrate goals during that timeline to keep yourself motivated whilst on this saving journey.

Rewards programs

Many people have unclaimed rewards, whether in the form of credit card points, store vouchers or discounts and take note of what stores have similar programs in place.

These can be used to your advantage when searching for smaller items such as decorations.

These can always be reworked to fit into your own wedding and creates a more personal connection for the person that provided them.

Look for extra income

Many people have extra income lying around their home without even knowing it, take a moment to go through what you own and check if any of it is worth something.

Using your free-time to craft something you could sell or take paid surveys online can also help teeter the balance in your favour when the big day arrives.


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