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2nd Generation GenAI Process Models and New AI Studio Enable Democratized AI Agent Creation, Rapid Automation Development and 3x Faster Time to Value

TOKYO, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Automation Anywhere, a leader in AI-powered automation, announced its new AI + Automation Enterprise System that puts AI to work with automation to drive exponential outcomes. Unveiled during Imagine 2024, the company’s new offering is infused with its second-generation GenAI Process Models to speed up discovery, development and deployment of AI process automations. The company also launched new AI Agents to manage complex cognitive tasks and automate more than ever before possible across every system in an enterprise. These solutions will help organizations achieve dramatic efficiency improvements, driving process tasks that formerly took hours down to minutes, and delivering 3x time to value and up to 10x business impact across business workflows that include customer service operations, finance, IT and HR.

“In today’s business landscape, organizations are compelled to enhance growth and efficiency by adopting smarter strategies rather than merely increasing effort,” states Prince Kohli, Chief Technology Officer at Automation Anywhere. “Automation has provided a solid foundation, but the advent of AI-driven automation is the revolutionary step forward. It allows us to tackle previously insurmountable tasks, redefine business operations, and achieve extraordinary transformation across enterprises.”

From Basic Tasks to Rapid Cognitive Workflows with Enterprise AI Agents

A breakthrough new feature is the ability to build custom AI Agents with the new AI Agent Studio. AI Agents take automation to the next level with the ability to learn from enterprise data, make informed decisions, and take action responsibly across any enterprise system, speeding processes by up to 90 percent. AI Agent Studio features low-code tools, making it easy for developers of all skill levels to quickly create specialized AI Agents to help with their specific use cases – no data scientist required. These AI Agents combine AI and action to tackle more complex cognitive work, like identifying and automatically replacing a product in the case of a stock shortage. They are adaptive, capable of learning from complex enterprise data, and able to take swift action for quick resolution and higher ROI.

Enterprise AI Agent Highlights:

  • New AI Agent Studio, generally available, provides developers of all levels with low-code tools to easily build, manage, and govern custom AI Agents. Developers can start with the foundational model of choice, including models from AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and more.
  • Developers also will be able to augment AI Agents with enterprise knowledge through a native Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) service, and Amazon Bedrock in October. Finally, developers will have built-in prompt testing to ensure outputs are relevant for any use case before putting AI Agents into action.
  • Enhanced Security & Governance equips AI Agents with built-in controls for the protection and monitoring of how AI and company data is being used to ensure security and compliance. New functionality includes monitoring and audit of agent and model performance, guardrails for consistent use, and human-validation and prompt testing to limit hallucinations and maximize quality of outputs. Future Data Masking will automatically redact sensitive data from any input getting processed by a model.

GenAI Process Models 2.0 – Speed the Development Lifecycle with an AI-Powered Flywheel

The underlying engines that power the AI + Automation Enterprise System are Automation Anywhere’s unique GenAI Process Models. The GenAI Process Models 2.0 are exclusively designed to drive faster process discovery, 30 percent faster automation creation, 90 percent accuracy with document processing, and 50 percent more automation resiliency – above and beyond what LLMs alone can deliver. The models are tuned with rich metadata from more than 300 million process automations running on Automation Anywhere’s cloud-native platform.

A new set of developer automation solutions built on the new GenAI Process Models 2.0 include:

  • New Automator AI, generally available, a comprehensive set of generative AI products and capabilities to accelerate the automation lifecycle, making it faster and easier to build, deploy and manage automations. Features include:
    • Generative Recorder, enabling teams to build more resilient UI automations with a generative AI fallback that automatically detects changes in a source application interface and self-heals in real-time to keep work moving, reducing automation downtime by up to 50 percent.
    • Enhanced Autopilot, generally available, enables cross-functional teams to go from discovery to automation in record time by quickly converting process documentation into draft process automation using generative AI. Autopilot now allows for inputs from any mining tool in BPMN format to build automations.

Document Automation, which has seen tremendous customer response and 9x customer growth year on year, leverages generative AI enhancements for real-time processing of any document type, including unstructured documents and achieves more than 90 percent accuracy. Companies now can rapidly capture data in the flow of work from any document type with the new ability to extract data from complex tables, more than 30 supported languages, and expanded model options. Model setup and deployment is faster and easier than ever with a new testing and setup experience and new support for on-prem deployment.

“Automation Anywhere continues to seamlessly integrate AI and automation to help customers get more out of their AI investments. These latest enhancements and platform capabilities, including AI Agents, make AI-powered automation even more accessible, empowering organizations and employees to leverage AI in new ways, helping them work smarter than ever before,” said Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President of Intelligent Process Automation Research, IDC.

Accelerate Business Productivity with AI Solutions for Business

To help customers to achieve value quickly, Automation Anywhere is also delivering a suite of AI-powered solutions to help accelerate business outcomes across all key business functions.

  • Automation Co-Pilot, the embed-anywhere enterprise assistant for organizations is now conversational (in preview status) thanks to a new integration with Amazon Q Service. It’s now faster for business users to get work done across any application with chat capabilities for on-demand assistance to ask questions of knowledgebases, call on AI Agents, or initiate automations. The enterprise-ready Automation Co-Pilot can be embedded in any application a user works in and action across any system in an organization.
  • Service Operations Solution Accelerator, generally available, helps teams get to business impact faster with pre-packaged AI Agents and pre-defined workflows for a variety of service operations use cases. Employees can improve every customer interaction with the ability to not only quickly execute process automations, but now can call on AI Agents to complete cognitive tasks like order management, returns processing, and service Q&A. Over the next few quarters, new Solution Accelerators will be rolled out for finance, IT, HR, and industries including Healthcare, Banking, and Manufacturing.

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