Autocar confidential: Radicals are no rip-off, AMG makes some noise and more

This week, we’ve been hearing how Mercedes-AMG will make sure its future models retain a distinctive ‘voice’, why Audi’s new SQ8 has won over a harsh SUV critic, and more. 

Free Radicals? Not quite…

Radical director Andreas Zielke thinks a big part of the appeal of his company’s models is their relative affordability, made possible by carefully controlled development costs. “At other car makers, people wouldn’t lift a pen for the amount of money that’s gone into this car,” he said about the new Rapture. The car, with a 0-60mph time of 3.0sec, costs £89,500.

AMG sounds out new noises

Mercedes-AMG is asking music industry experts to help keep a ‘signature’ AMG soundtrack on future electrified models, according to development boss Steffen Jastrow. “The engine sound is a very important effect for our customers, and that gives us a challenge. We’re thinking about how to do this: we won’t make a fake V8 sound in an electric car, that’s for sure,” he said. 


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