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In this week’s round-up of automotive gossip, we find out whether Kia has room in its line-up for a hydrogen-powered car based on the Hyundai Nexo, get PSA’s view on affordable cars, and more.

Is a Nexo sister car still on the way?

Kia is “not sure” if it will keep its commitment to offer by 2021 an FCEV based on sister brand Hyundai’s Nexo, due to the pandemic fallout. “We don’t think it’s something we have to push”, said Emilio Herrera, Kia’s chief operating officer for Europe. “If we’re saying EVs are expensive for the consumer, hydrogen cars are more expensive still”.

Just can’t get enough

The future of the city car may be uncertain, but the new Seat Mii Electric is selling very strongly. Product marketing boss Pedro Fondevilla said: “Demand for this kind of car has been higher than we were expecting, and Germany and Norway have already sold out what they were willing to sell for this year. We can say it has been a success.” Skoda’s version, the Citigo-e iV, sold out in the UK in just two months.

The price will be right

PSA Group boss Carlos Tavares claims his firm’s merger with FCA will focus on developing affordable cars, despite the pressure of green legislation. He said: “We can’t talk about clean mobility without talking about affordability mobility. If it’s expensive, it doesn’t meet the requirements of our customers.” Tavares said the groups’ combined resources and larger scale will help them achieve this.


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