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FREMONT — After spending more than a decade working a desk job doing mechanical design work in Houston, Gabe Palmerton decided it was time to move back to Fremont to re-open the family business.

In September, he and his wife Aimee, opened Fremont Tire and Oil in the same shop that Palmerton’s father, Randy, operated for years as Randy’s Trannys at 307 W. Swager Dr., Fremont.

“I really wanted to come back and help the community out and be with my dad,” Palmerton said. “It was time to move home, be close to Dad and it was kind of my birthright to have the shop.”

Palmerton was raised working on different cars, trucks, race cars and customer cars in his dad’s shop.

Randy said he’s glad to have his son back in the area and doing business in the same shop he did for so many years.

“He’s the fourth generation to do something like this,” Randy said about Gabe. “My granddad didn’t do a lot, but he worked as a parts man for McNaughton’s then my dad had the Shell station and I worked for him and Gabe did the same for me.”

Randy is enjoying working with his son again.

“I’m happy he made the decision to come back and open,” Randy said. “I missed running it and the customers I had.”

While it is Gabe’s business, he said Randy comes out quite a bit to help, something he knew his father would do once he opened the doors to the shop again.

“Don’t let the name deceive you,” Gabe said of his business. “We do way more than just tires and oil.”

Services offered include, of course, tires, oil changes, brake jobs, shocks, struts, tie rods, wheel bearings and ball joints, among other things.

While they aren’t set up to do transmissions or rebuilding a full engine, Palmerton said they will rebuild rear ends.

“Dad’s one of the best in the area at that,” he said. “If there’s something I can’t figure out, Dad can as he’s one of the best mechanics in the area.”

They have the tools to reprogram tire sensors, as well, and the shop is more or less full service, Palmerton said.

For customers in Fremont that need a pickup or their vehicle dropped off, that’s an option offered by the shop.

“We’re bringing hometown hospitality back,” Palmerton said.



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