Auto majors focus on women-friendly vehicles – The Sunday Guardian

The Indian auto industry is increasingly focusing on women welfare programmes with companies enhancing representation of women in the workforce, supporting financial inclusion, developing tailored skilling programmes and launching two wheelers and buses equipped with safety and features for women who need access to safe, reliable and comfortable transportation.

Srinivasan Services Trust (SST), the social arm of TVS Motor Company and Sundaram-Clayton SSTs has achieved inclusion of over 40 per cent female representation in its field force and collectivised over 60000 women into over 5000 self-help groups over the course of their journey. Additionally, SST has actively supported financial inclusion by facilitating Rs 85 crores through bank loans for 15,500 women, in this financial year empowering them to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours.

The TVS social outfit has been working for women empowerment in the rural belts of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh for the past 27 years, through formation of women SHG and helping them sustain through interventions in diverse sectors such as training, credit linkage, livelihood programs and nudging them towards development of their community. One of the major livelihood interventions promoted by SST has been supporting over 10,000 livestock women farmers achieve a sustainable income ranging from Rs. 2000 to Rs 6000 per milch animal.

Besides, in the cluster of villages near Pune, SST has facilitated livelihood opportunities for over 200 women, enabling them to transition from daily wage labour to finding sustainable income between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 within their villages. This transformation showcases the tangible impact of SST’s interventions on improving the lives of rural women.

In another groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering gender equality within its organisation and beyond, India’s leading autotech player, CARS24, acknowledging the glaring under-representation of women in the traditionally male-dominated automotive sector, has targeted a 50 per cent increase in current female representation across its workforce. To bridge this gap and cultivate a more diverse and inclusive environment, CARS24 is also actively recruiting and training women for roles in customer experience, operations, marketing, product, front line staff etc.

Recognizing the pivotal role women play in driving innovation and organisational success, CARS24 pledges to invest in their empowerment through a multifaceted approach. This includes the development of tailored training programs, opportunities for upskilling, and the establishment of dedicated mentorship initiatives. Going beyond internal initiatives, CARS24 seeks to catalyse change across the entire automotive landscape. Presently, women represent only 1 in 5 dealership employees and a mere 7per cent of the repair and maintenance workforce. By championing gender diversity, CARS24 aims to lead by example, setting a new standard for inclusivity and equality in the industry.

Renault Nissan Automotive India invited students from local government schools ahead of International Women’s Day for a special factory visit to empower young minds through visits and workshops showcasing careers in automotive manufacturing. The girl students, who were accompanied by four teachers, were greeted by the leadership team of RNAIPL and given a brief introduction to the company and its history. They were then shown the lineup of RNAIPL cars and allowed to touch and feel the cars, experience them and understand the mechanics of the cars. The highlight of the visit was a 50-minute tour of the vehicle and powertrain assembly shopfloors at RNAIPL, where the girl students got to witness the car manufacturing process firsthand.

With an impressive array of game-changing features, Lectrix LXS G2.0 electric two-wheeler is empowering mobility for women who need access to safe, reliable and comfortable transportation. Equal opportunities start with equal mobility. As per a survey by the company, out of 236 million driving licences in India, only 7 per cent are held by women. With advanced safety features like vehicle diagnostics, emergency SOS alerts, and helmet warnings, the Lectrix LXS G2.0 electric two-wheeler puts safety first by introducing features like emergency SOS alert, navigation assist, geo-fencing and vehicle live location which allows peace of mind to roam freely, even after dark.

GreenCell Mobility’s NueGo, India’s leading intercity electric bus service, has introduced innovative features in the buses which addresses the specific safety concerns of female travellers. In recent months, the number of women travellers using NueGo’s services has increased significantly with features designed specifically for female guests, such as pink seats, live tracking, CCTV surveillance and other safety measures. According to an independent survey by DNA Consult Advisory to evaluate women’s customer experience with bus operators across India for ages 18-40 years, 100 er cent of women passengers surveyed feel safe when traveling with NueGo, and 93 per cent have expressed high confidence in NueGo’s safety features. Furthermore, 100 per cent of women passengers surveyed prefer NueGo for future travel and recommend it to family and friends.