Australia Covid live update: Queensland records nine new cases on first full day of lockdown; Victoria records four new cases

I have the whole genome sequence. It shows that that a 17-year-old who attends Indooroopilly State High School has the same whole genome sequence as to people who arrived into Brisbane from overseas. One from Indonesia who I suspect gave it to the person who came from the UK, either at Singapore airport, on the plane travelling from Singapore to Brisbane or in hotel quarantine. I don’t know which of those three places was the transmission events.

But I don’t have the intermediaries between those two cases and that 17-year-old student. I think it is most likely that it has gone from the person who was managed up at Sunshine Coast, discharged from the Sunshine Coast University Hospital on 17 July.

All of the protocols put in place by the communicable diseases network of Australia were thoroughly followed but we know with Delta that it can be more infectious so we are looking whether that has led to transmission.

This is why I asking that anybody in the Sunshine Coast who is unwell with any symptoms at all to immediately come forward. We have tested all of the people who live in the same household as that gentleman who came from the UK who has the same (strain) and they are all negative and we are now doing serology to see if any of them were infected and have recovered to see if that might be the link. But at this point, please, anyone in the Sunshine Coast, so we can see whether there has been transmission there, please come forward.

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