Asda customer slams embarrassing till mix-up and warns other shoppers to get a receipt

AN Asda shopper has warned customers to get a till receipt at self-service check out machines after being “chased by two members of staff”.

Chris Morris said he was left embarrassed and angry after shop assistants incorrectly said his payment hadn’t gone through.

An Asda customer is warning fellow shoppers to always get a receipt at the self-service tills


An Asda customer is warning fellow shoppers to always get a receipt at the self-service tillsCredit: Alamy

Chris went through the self-service lines at the Asda in Wolstanton Retail Park and paid for his shop as normal, reports Stoke On Trent Live.

But when he went to exit the shop, he was challenged by staff members who claimed that he had not fully paid.

Fortunately, he’d pressed the button for a receipt at the till, which meant he could prove all his shopping was paid for.

He said that after the initial embarrassment, he later felt angry about how the challenge was carried out.

He told Stoke On Trent Live: “I wanted to offer a word of warning to make sure people take their receipt as two Asda staff members chased after me and said that my payment had not gone through.

“When producing my receipt this put an end to the embarrassment but may have been a different story with no receipt.”

Chris added that he doesn’t usually shop in that particular Asda, which made the self-service check out even more puzzling than usual.

However, he was “taken aback” by the way he was pursued by the Asda staff.

Asda told the Sun: “Should a colleague suspect a customer hasn’t properly paid for their shopping we will politely ask for a proof of purchase.”

The supermarket adds that if customers haven’t opted for a receipt, they may have to wait while the till transaction history is checked.

This suggests that any customers in a hurry should always opt to get a receipt, just in case they’re challenged at the door.

But even if you forget your proof of purchase, there is a system in place to check the till and make sure payment is received.

Asda continued: “Although we have not received any complaints about this particular request for a receipt, we never aim to embarrass any customer when asking for proof of purchase and aim to do so discreetly.’’

Supermarkets often have guards in place who can challenge customers who might not have paid.

This is not surprising, a study in 2018 found that Brits use self-service machines in supermarkets to steal a staggering £3.2 billion a year of groceries.

Customers who use the scan as you go services that are growing increasingly popular in supermarkets could also find they’re delayed at the tills.

Many supermarkets say in their terms and conditions that some customers will be randomly stopped and rescanned to improve the service.

For instance, Asda’s Scan and Go terms and conditions say: “As a user of the Scan and Go service, we may ask you to help us confirm that the service is working effectively by allowing us to check your goods against the scanner or to re-scan your shopping.

“Please understand that this does not imply that we suspect you of any wrongdoing, it is simply to ensure that we provide the highest quality service.

“If there is a difference between your scan and any re-scan carried out by a member of staff, the re-scan will be decisive.”

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