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Google Home originally released back in November of 2016 as a single model but has since debuted in a number of other variants that are each appealing for their nuances.

The original Google Home offers a great compromise between size and sound while the aptly named Google Home Mini is much smaller but sacrifices some audio quality in the process.

Moreover, the Google Home Max is the American tech giant’s smart speaker offering aimed at delivering first class audio to smart home enthusiasts.

The American tech giant also launched its first smart display last year that was originally called the Google Home Hub but has since been renamed to the Google Nest Hub.

Each member of the Google Home family is currently being sold for a discounted price, making each even more appealing.

While the American tech giant is discounting its Home range on its online store, Carphone Warehouse is actually listing some items for even cheaper.

First and foremost, the Google Home Mini is being sold for a mere £24, down from its usual £49 asking price.

The standard Google Home is being listed for £59 and the firm’s Nest Hub is available for just £79.

Here is a full list of Google Home offers through Carphone Warehouse:

• Google Home – £59 (was £89) GET THE DEAL HERE

• Google Home Mini – £24 (was £49) GET THE DEAL HERE

• Google Nest Hub – £79 (was £119) GET THE DEAL HERE

Google is also discounting the Home Max by a whopping £100 on its web store.

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• Google Home Max – £199 (£299) GET THE DEAL HERE

Each member of the Google Home family comes with the firm’s signature Assistant built-in, allowing owners to ask it a stream of questions or command it to perform a manner of different tasks.

Here are eight things you can ask your Google Home that you probably didn’t know about.

1 – Start your day right with, ‘Hey Google, Good Morning’, for an overview of your schedule, a summary of the weather for your current area and a rundown of any reminders

2 – Sort your weekly shop by asking Google Home, ‘Ok Google, add bacon, eggs and orange juice to my shopping list’

3 – Let your Google Home sort all your unit and currency conversions — litres to gallons, pounds to dollars and metres to feet – without hurting your brain

4 – Get an update on the day ahead by asking Google Home variations on these questions:

“When’s my next appointment?”

“Show me my appointments for Tuesday afternoon.”

“What does my day look like on Friday?”

“What’s on my calendar for next Monday?”

“What/when/where is my next event?”

“What’s my first event tomorrow?”

“When is my next hair appointment?”

5 – Google Home can help you remember random facts such as ‘Remember that the WiFi password is B6524’ or, ‘Remember I left the car in carpark section B’

6 – For when you’ve misplaced your phone, ask any other Assistant-enabled device, such as a Google Home, on which your account is connected to “find my phone.” Your phone will ring loudly, no matter where it might be

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7 – Avoid traffic jams by asking Google Home what the traffic is like before you leave for work or how long it’ll take to get to any specific business name or address

8 – Catch up on the day’s goings-on by asking your Google Home to ‘listen to the news’. You can configure exactly what types of news and what sources are included by tapping the profile icon in the Google Home app’s lower-right corner and selecting ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Services’ and ‘News’



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