Artificial ‘moonbow’ lights up London sky mimicking natural phenomenon

London’s artificial moonbow appears over Tower Bridge (Credits: Giacomo Mantovani/OnePlus)

The skies of London were lit up with a ‘moonbow’ this week.

But rather than the natural phenomenon (caused when the moon’s light is refracted off water droplets in the air) it was instead a man-made spectacle.

Created by Chinese phone company OnePlus, the illusion was made using high-powered light projections beamed through a wall of mist.

The company said the man-made moonbow took 12 hours of on-site build time, used 60 tonnes of environmentally friendly recirculated water an hour and was created by a high power 20,000-lumen light projector.

It handily provided the perfect subject for the company’s new phone – the OnePlus 9 Pro – which benefits from some serious camera technology.

The company has partnered with legendary Swedish brand Hasselblad to calibrate and engineer the phone’s camera.

An artificial ‘moonbow’ created by phone company OnePlus (OnePlus)

The moonbow is the brand’s first step in its #TrueColors campaign encouraging people to share pictures that ‘authentically reflect their locality, and to reverse the acceptance of the doctored and filtered images that have become custom.’

Over the next four weeks, entrants will be set weekly themes on the subject of true: True Attitude, True Love, True Freedom and True You, and each week Hasselblad photographer Julius Hirtzberger will choose the winner who will receive a OnePlus 9 Series handset and other goodies.

The OnePlus 9 Pro phone is the first benefiting from a three-year deal with Hasselblad (OnePlus)

Meanwhile, would we ever see an authentic moonbow appear over Tower Bridge? Unlikely.

A moonbow only occurs naturally when light from the moon is refracted through water droplets in the air and is usually too faint to excite the cone receptors in the human eye making it extremely difficult to discern its natural colors.

It only happens in a few remote locations around the world.

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