Archaeology news: 'Horrific evidence' proves Bible right about cruel Assyrian armies

The study’s authors wrote: “Amongst the people of the ancient Middle East, the Assyrians were noted for their cruelty, which has been hypothesized to be designed as psychological warfare.

“Reliefs found at Assyrian palaces provide vivid images and textual descriptions of this brutality, including the dismembering (mainly hand amputations), skinning, decapitating, impaling, and burning of their victims.”

Another wall text linked to the Neo-Assyrian king Sennacherib exposes similar practices, including the dismembering of the genitals.

Professor Meyer said: “Reliefs from Sennacherib’s palace portray the Assyrian soldiers dismembering men from the biblical city of Lachish by peeling off their skin, decapitating their heads and cutting off their hands.


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