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Los Angeles, California, July 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The DeFi altcoin space has absolutely exploded in recent months following the exponential growth of DOGECOIN. In fact, some investors still seem to be kicking themselves for missing out on what may have been the financial play of the year. However, returns like those experienced by DOGECOIN holders are commonplace in the Decentralized Finance industry, and AquaDoge has definitely risen to the top of retail investors’ watchlists.

AquaDoge is proud to announce its listing on PancakeSwap on August 11th, and will also host its first treasure chest giveaway shortly after. And details can be found on official telegram.

Reasons why AquaDoge has set itself in best possible manner.

1. Meme, Utility, and Charity It’s safe to say the power of memes or meme coins for that matter cannot be underestimated since the rise of Doge. AquaDoge brings features to the table that other Coins lacked, like utility and function.

AquaDoge rewards it’s holders with 3% redistribution, and rewards the environment with 3% Charity taxes. This means for every transaction, AquaDoge gives a percentage to its holders, and another percentage to Ocean charities.

2. $15,000 Given Away Every 2 Weeks (or sooner) With most crypto currencies, investors can only make a return if the price increases, meaning there consistently has to be more buyers than sellers at all times. AquaDoge, however, features a unique and never seen before ‘Treasure Chest’ function in its contract code. The Treasure Chest sets aside 5% of every transaction into a separate wallet. Upon reaching its capacity of 100 BNB, 50% is verifiably donated to a charity and 50% will be given away to lucky token holder.

Being a community propelled token, AquaDoge will utilize voting polls to decide how many winners there will be, as well as requirements to enter the giveaways. That being said, the developers have stated that 2 weeks is a generous time frame as to when the 5% transactions would amount to 50 BNB. It could be more or less, but based on the aggressive marketing plans they have in place, they expect the treasure chest to fill up every few days. That means roughly $15,000 given away every few days!

3. Safety and Security In recent months, rug pulls and pump and dumps have tainted the name of the cryptocurrency DeFi space. While incredible returns are paramount to any investor’s decision to invest in any crypto-asset, safety and security are always the forefront of making any sort of return at all. AquaDoge will have its LP locked for 10 years, is in the process of receiving a verified TechRate audit, and the developers will not hold any tokens, aside from a 3% Dev wallet.

While Dev wallets are often the subject of heavy scrutiny, the developers of AquaDoge have mentioned that they incentivize the developers to keep working and growing the hype and awareness around the community. Usually, the tokens that rug seem to be the ones that promise no dev wallets or involvement. All in all, this token puts the safety and security of its holding investors first, as is necessary to provide ease of mind and buyer confidence for any tradable currency.

How To Invest

While AquaDoge has not officially launched yet, its presale will be open soon for investors to get in early, and they expect it to fill up fast! Updates will be posted on the AquaDoge website, as well as in their community Telegram, for investors to easily stay up to date.

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