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With Aprimo’s new solution, marketing, education, and advocacy teams can drastically improve their content marketing throughput, and ultimately improve ROI for their new market offerings.

CHICAGO, IL: A  provider of technology solutions for content, operations, and performance, today announced a new offering to help life sciences firms of all sizes effectively market their products through traditional and digital channels and ultimately see higher marketing return-on-investment.


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Aprimo for Life Sciences is the industry’s first promotional materials management solution that combines AI-powered work management with collaboration, markup, and digital asset management capabilities.  The solution enables teams across departments and geographies to collaborate, enrich, and review content for regulatory approval and then manage that content throughout its lifecycle. 

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Marketers in the life sciences industry are faced with a myriad of challenges – ranging from evolving expectations from doctors, patients, and other stakeholders, to siloed brand planning, inefficient content management and time-consuming audit processes, to name a few. Adding to this is the challenge of balancing the need and desire to get to market as fast as possible, combined with the legal and regulatory review checkpoints needed to ensure compliance.

“Many life sciences companies believe they have a regulatory review problem to solve, but what they often actually have is a full content management and lifecycle problem,” said Mark Fera, SVP Alliances and Industry Solutions from Aprimo.  “We’re also aware that most life science firms already have some hard-won processes in place, so we look to amplify and reduce the friction in those processes without having to uproot everything, while adding these content management features to give firms more visibility and opportunities to leverage the content when and how they want.”

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With Aprimo’s new solution, marketing, education, and advocacy teams can drastically improve their content marketing throughput, and ultimately improve ROI for their new market offerings.  From an operations standpoint, Aprimo for Life Sciences brings together an entire brand team (Sales, Marketing, Legal, Regulatory, etc.) on a single operations and content platform while providing an experience tailored for each role, creating a frictionless go-to market capability. Once the processes are in place, Aprimo’s solution gives teams the brand and campaign planning capabilities they need to effectively store, manage, review, and approve all the content they create and ensure promotional activities reach its full potential – ultimately leading to a more enhanced experience at all levels of interaction.

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Industry-specific features of Aprimo’s new offering include:

  • Templates for Brand Planning, Medical and Legal Review process, and Content Taxonomy
  • Claim(s) Management to maintain a database of all claims substantiated by research and auditability of where those claims are referenced in promotional material
  • Two-factor authentication for review and approval of promotional materials
  • Review and Annotation on audio, video, and documents built into tasks, including side-by-side comparison, threaded replies and resolution, and fully integrated external agency participants
  • Automated submission to regulatory authorities to automatically prepare submission packages with necessary files and pre-filing the appropriate submission forms
  • Flexible, configurable audit trail
  • Brand and/or Promotional guidelines and checklists built into each step
  • Configurable to support for company standard operating procedures (SOPs) and processes


“Much of the life sciences industry operates with MLR as the end goal for their marketing materials. In reality, MLR is one part of a much larger content journey. Life science firms are unanimously excited to learn that they can leverage commercial content much better for product ROI than conventional thinking taught them. Good, smart, personalized content increases a product’s visibility in the market and helps new offerings get into the minds of people who could really benefit from them,” said Brett Molotsky, Aprimo’s VP for Regulated Industries.


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