Appy Pie, the startup that lets you make an app without coding, launches closed beta of its live chat software –

Appy Pie, a tech startup that lets you make an app without coding, today launches closed beta of its live chat software. Appy Pie is the company behind the no-code app creator which users to create advanced applications for smartphones.

Similar to its other DIY products, their live chat software doesn’t need any coding skills or technical knowledge. All users need to do is simply signup and subscribe with Appy Pie to get their own dashboard and add the software key in the source code of their app or website to start serving their customers in real-time.

Founded in 2013, the London-based Appy Pie is a Mobile Application Development Software that allows anyone with no technical knowledge to create advanced applications for mobiles and smartphones. Nothing to Download or Install, No Programming Required, Just Drag & Drop. Appy Pie was born in New York in 2011 & At this point More than 5000 apps are produced each month using the Service.

The only requirement for creating an app is to sign up for free and input his information. After the person has filled out his details and published his app, User will receive an HTML5 based hybrid app that works with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Blackberry. In addition Appy Pie will release the Android App on Google Play & iPhone Apps on iTunes for the Individual or Business.

Using Appy Pie’s live chat software, small businesses can easily engage with their clients in real-time and deliver a user experience like never before. What’s more interesting about live chat software is that it gives businesses the opportunity to improve lead generation and customer satisfaction with a simple solution. Highly advanced yet easy to use, the live chat software helps businesses save time by allowing them to directly interact with the customers, leading to the much needed personal touch with each and every customer.

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Emerging as a lighting solution for small businesses, Appy Pie’s live chat software can also prove to be helpful for businesses in scaling better conversations while reducing the pressure of customer issues and complaints. Not just this, the company’s live chat software is also being seen as a promising new product through which small businesses can engage with clients.

“In this digital era, virtual assistance is becoming one of the best solutions for customer care across industries. So, to help small and medium businesses stay upbeat, we have introduced Live Chat software for our users,” says Scot Small, CEO Appy Pie. “With our Live Chat software, SMBs can directly connect to their customers in real-time and solve their queries instantly. Moreover, businesses will now have the power to engage and discover opportunities to convert more visitors into loyal customers,” he further added.

Appy Pie has offices in London, New Delhi, and Virginia, with a combined staff of more than 200 people. The company’s sole aim is to empower small businesses and help them achieve success in this competitive environment. A simple, yet powerful DIY platform, Appy Pie also helps startups save thousands of dollars with its workflow automation services, enabling them to create a greater impact with less efforts by adding speed, consistency, and visibility to their workflows. Appy Pie also has a proprietary website builder and provides a platform for downloading PWA apps known as PWA Store.



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